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Upcoming Team Events

Spring/Summer 2024



June 1, 2024       Bike Rodeo

Join the MCR team for a fun day of

finding out what NICA is all about. Come and get information about the upcoming season and enjoy team member led rides down the trail. Skills courses, group rides, a yoga class, and a bike maintenance class.



July 1, 2024      1ST Practice


Practice #1 will be held

@ Freedom Florence 5:30 pm


2024 South Carolina League Race Season


RACE #1 

Sept 7-8

Poinsett State Park

RACE #2 

Sept 21-22

Anne Springs Close Greenway

RACE #3 

Oct 5-6


RACE #4 

Oct 19-20

Sesquicentenl State Park

RACE #5 

Nov 2-3

            Croft State Park                   

Rider Spotlight


















In this section we profile one of our student riders and learn a little about them. This week lets meet.....

ELLA QUANN is a 3rd year rider and will be racing at the 8th grade classification this year. ELLA won the State Championship in her class last season. ELLA attends Williams Middle School. Fun Facts... ELLA plays the Oboe and speaks beautiful Spanish.


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